The Italian Association for Aphorism

Having noticed the lack, in Italy, of a space where it could be possible to meet, discuss and share texts, studies and events related to aphorism, with the goal of facilitating its coming out of media and cultural marginality, a group of writers, scholars and aphorism lovers created an Association committed to promote this literary genre.

The Italian Association for Aphorism was born in October 2011 in Turin, from the meeting of writers, scholars, journalists and book series’ directors specialized in aphorism and other short forms, in order to foster the meeting and cooperation of different multidisciplinary abilities not only in studying, sharing and promoting but also in training and information on aphorism. The Association avails itself of the collaboration not only of authors and scholars, but of publishers and associations operating worldwide with similar goals.

The Italian Association for Aphorism intends to actively operate to encourage a broader vision of aphorism by developing a working relationship between writers, readers and scholars by means of national and international literary awards; print and online publications on aphorism; promotion and increased offer of anthologies of aphorisms in bookshops; conferences, discussions, national and international conventions on the theme of aphorism; twinning with similar foreign associations.